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Explore Settings with Live Preview! 🌐✨


We’ve added a cool feature – Live preview of changes in the admin panel! 🚀

Note on Availability:

But, here’s the scoop: Live preview isn’t available for every setting. 😕 For instance, it won’t work when:

  • No Demo for Empty WhatsApp Number:
  • Description: If the WhatsApp number field is left empty, a demo for clicking the WhatsApp icon won’t be available in the live preview.
  • Impact: Users won’t be able to simulate or preview the WhatsApp interaction without a valid WhatsApp number.
  • Visual Indicator: A message or visual cue near the WhatsApp icon might inform users that a demo is not available due to an empty WhatsApp number field.
  • Navigation URL Configuration:
  • Description: The setting specifies that when a user interacts with a link or navigation element, the content of the specified URL will load within the same browser window or tab.
  • Behavior: Instead of opening a new browser window or tab, the current one will be reused to display the new content, essentially replacing the existing page with the one linked in the URL.
  • Settings are specific to mobile.

Why No Live Preview?

The live preview might not show everything instantly, but don’t worry, your changes will take effect once you save them.

Make sure to add your WhatsApp number and explore mobile settings to see Live Preview in action. Happy tweaking! 🛠️

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