Admin Live Preview for WhatsApp Button

Customize Your Click to Chat Widget with Confidence

Introducing Admin Live Preview, a powerful new feature that lets you preview your Click to Chat widget changes instantly, right within your admin settings. No more saving and refreshing to see how your adjustments look – now you can experiment and fine-tune your widget with ease.

Here’s how it works:

Make Your Mark:

  • Start customizing your widget’s features, including:
  • WhatsApp number
  • Call to Action text
  • Pre-filled message
  • Styles (desktop)
  • Widget position (desktop)
  • Animations
  • Notification Badge
  • Observe the preview window update in real time, reflecting your every tweak and touch.

Additional Settings Pages:

  • Explore additional styling options on the ‘Customize’ page.
  • Discover animation and notification badge settings on the ‘Other Settings’ page

See Your Changes in Real Time with Admin Live Preview!

Stay in Sync:

  • Remember to save your changes to enable live preview on other Click to Chat settings pages.
  • Keep in mind that there might be slight visual differences between the admin live preview and the actual front-end appearance.

Your Feedback is Our Fuel:

We’re always striving to enhance your experience. Share your thoughts, suggestions, or any issues you encounter by contacting us directly. Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of our features.

Viewing Live Preview:

  • Live preview is available for specific features:
  • WhatsApp number
  • Call to Action
  • Pre-filled message
  • Styles (desktop)
  • Widget position (desktop)
Ready to Preview Perfection? Activate Admin Live Preview Now and Witness the Difference!

Activate/Deactivate Demo Mode:

  • To Activate Demo Mode:
  • Click this magic link to activate it in a flash: [Your website URL]/?demo=activate
  • To Deactivate Demo Mode:
  • No problem! Deactivate it with a single click here: [Your website URL]/?demo=deactivate

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