“Greetings Initial Stage: User Interaction-Based Display Settings”

Open Mode (Default): In the open mode, which is the default setting, the greetings dialog is visible to users when they land on any page of the website. If a user decides to close this dialog on any page, the system remembers this action and automatically hides the greetings dialog on all subsequent pages the user visits during the same browsing session. However, if the user clicks on the WhatsApp button at any point, the greetings dialog will reappear, ensuring that users have easy access to it whenever they need assistance or wish to engage with the provided options.

Closed Mode: Alternatively, the closed mode provides a different experience. In this mode, the greetings dialog is initially hidden by default when users navigate to any page of the website. Instead of being immediately visible upon arrival, the dialog only becomes accessible when a user actively interacts with the WhatsApp button. Clicking on the WhatsApp button triggers the appearance of the greetings dialog, allowing users to engage with it and access any relevant information or options provided within.

This version clearly highlights the default mode, which is the same as the open mode, ensuring users understand the behavior of the greetings feature.

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