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The "Display based on country" feature enables you to tailor the display of your chat interface according to the user's country. You can choose to display the chat interface for all countries or only for selected countries.
  1. All Countries: Choose this if you want everyone, no matter where they’re from, to be able to chat with you. It’s like opening your doors to the whole world!
  2. Only Selected Countries: With this option, you can handpick which countries see your chat. It’s like rolling out the welcome mat for specific guests, making sure your chat is seen only by the people you choose.

How to Access Setting Display Preferences by Country

  1. Login to Click to Chat: Visit the Click to Chat dashboard and log in using your credentials.
  2. Find Display Settings: Once logged in, navigate to the Click to Chat ->Display Settings ->Display based on country. This is usually located in the sidebar menu.
  3. Locate “Display Based on Country”: Within the display settings, you should see an option labeled “Display based on country”. Click on it to access the feature.
  4. Choose Your Option: In the “Display based on country” section, you’ll typically find two options: “All Countries” and “Only Selected Countries”. Select the option that suits your preferences.

(a) All Countries: When you select the “All Countries” option, you’re essentially opening the doors of your chat interface to the entire world. No matter where your visitors are located geographically, they will see and have access to your chat functionality.

Default Behavior:

If a user doesn't specifically select any country or region, the default setting is automatically set to "All Countries." This means that by default, your chat interface will be visible to all visitors, regardless of their location.

(b) Only Selected Countries:If you choose the “Only selected Countries” option, a list of checkboxes or a multiple select dropdown menu will appear. Use this list to select the countries for which you want to display the chat interface.

Save Your Settings

After selecting your preferred option, Look for the “Save Changes” button on the click to chat page. Clicking this button ensures that your selected preferences, such as “All Countries” or “Only Selected Countries”, are applied to your Click to Chat setup.

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