Custom Element: Design Your Own WhatsApp Link

Create your own customized element or design and assign the class or ID name “ctc_chat” to it, or alternatively, use “#ctc_chat” as the href/link attribute. This will allow users to navigate to WhatsApp based on your plugin settings, including your WhatsApp number and pre-filled message.

Table Of Contents:

  • Class Name: ctc_chat
  • href Attribute/link: #ctc_chat

Adding WhatsApp to the menu:

To include WhatsApp in your website’s menu:

  • Class Name: ctc_chat

To navigate to your WhatsApp number, simply add the class or ID name “ctc_chat” to any element or design.

How to Add a Class Name Using the WordPress Default Editor:

  1. Select the block.
  2. In the right sidebar, navigate to ‘Block’ -> ‘Advanced options’ section -> ‘Additional CSS class(es)’ and add “ctc_chat” as the class name.

Adding a href/link Attribute:

To link to your WhatsApp number, follow these steps:

  1. Add an element or design (e.g., a button) and enter the desired message. For example, add a button.
  2. Add the href/link attribute to “#ctc_chat.”
    • Select the block or content.
    • Click the link icon and add “#ctc_chat.”

Updating the post:

Now, when users click on any element that has the ‘ctc_chat’ class name or ‘#ctc_chat’ href/link, the plugin will navigate to WhatsApp based on your plugin settings.

Adding WhatsApp to the menu:

To add WhatsApp to the menu:

  • Set the href/URL as “#ctc_chat” for the menu item.

Here’s how:

  1. Select the “Custom Links” menu item.
  2. Add “#ctc_chat” as the URL and add your desired link text.
  3. Save the menu.

Menu Structure:

  • WhatsApp Menu Item:
    • If a user clicks on the WhatsApp menu, it will navigate to WhatsApp based on your plugin settings.

After adding it to the menu, don’t forget to save your changes.

Enjoy the seamless integration of WhatsApp into your website, allowing users to connect with you effortlessly. If you need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Happy designing!

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