The “Click to Chat” plugin for WordPress allows you to add a customizable WhatsApp chat button to your website, enabling visitors to contact you directly through WhatsApp. Below is a comprehensive guide to each of the plugin’s settings and options.

WhatsApp Number

  • Description: This is the phone number that visitors will contact via WhatsApp.
  • Format: Enter the number in international format without any spaces or special characters. For example, a number in the United States would be entered as +1234567890.
  • Random Number Option: If you have multiple WhatsApp numbers, you can enable the “Random Number” option. This will randomly select a number from the list each time the chat button is clicked.

Pre-Filled Message

  • Description: This is the message that will be automatically inserted into the chat window when a visitor initiates a conversation.
  • Usage: Customize this message to include greetings, questions, or any information that might prompt a response from the visitor. For example, “Hello! I need help with…” or “Hi, I am interested in your services.”

Call to Action

  • Description: The text displayed on the chat button.
  • Usage: This should be a clear and inviting message that encourages visitors to click the button. Examples include “Chat with us on WhatsApp,” “Contact us,” or “Get in touch.”


  • Description: Customize the appearance of the WhatsApp chat button.
  • Options:
    • Button Color: Choose the color of the button to match your website’s theme.
    • Text Color: Select the color of the text on the button.
    • Button Shape: Choose between rounded, square, or other shapes.


  • Description: Determines where the WhatsApp chat button will appear on your website.
  • Options:
    • Bottom Right: The button will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • Bottom Left: The button will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • Custom Position: Manually set the position using CSS values.

URL Structure

  • Description: The format of the WhatsApp chat URL.
  • Customization: Allows you to customize the URL structure if needed for advanced configurations or tracking purposes. The default structure is usually sufficient for most users.

Display Settings

  • Description: Control when and where the WhatsApp chat button is displayed.
  • Options:
    • Show on Mobile Only: Display the button only on mobile devices.
    • Show on Desktop Only: Display the button only on desktop devices.
    • Show on Both: Display the button on both mobile and desktop devices.
    • Page-Specific Display: Choose specific pages or posts where the button should be displayed or hidden.

Additional Features

  • Analytics Integration: Track button clicks using Google Analytics or other tracking tools.
  • Multilingual Support: Customize the button and pre-filled message for different languages if your website supports multiple languages.

Setting Up the Plugin

  1. Install and Activate: Follow the installation steps mentioned previously to install and activate the plugin.
  2. Configure Settings: Navigate to Settings > Click to Chat in the WordPress admin dashboard.
  3. Save Changes: After configuring all the settings, click the Save Changes button to apply them.

Testing the Button

  • Preview: Visit your website to ensure the WhatsApp chat button appears correctly.
  • Test: Click the button to verify it opens a WhatsApp chat with the pre-filled message and correct WhatsApp number.

By utilizing and configuring these settings, you can effectively integrate WhatsApp communication into your WordPress site, providing a seamless way for visitors to contact you directly.

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